.about {

#helion ( “is an audio-visual performance and production group based in the Netherlands” );

including (

Adrian Newgent();

Hannes Arvid Andersson();

Marcelo Agustin Martinez();



.Background {


We first made contact with helion in December 2017, in a place of ancient worship, turned public, popular and dedicate to light. Perhaps it was this configuration that triggered her outreach, or perhaps it was just circumstantial. Or maybe it was we that was looking, and she that answered our call. No matter the reason and what forces happened to be at play on this day, she called and we heard.



Earth was not: nor globes of attraction

Unseen, unheard and singular;

A self-contemplating process in enormous labor.

Times on times she divided, & measured

An activity unknown yet all-knowing;

Dark revolving in silent activity:

Space by space.